Founded by Gemmologist, Erin Penlington, Penlington's of London specialises in fine antique jewellery. 

We focus on natural untreated gemstones and rings, ranging in period from Georgian to Art Deco. We go out of our way to source pieces which we love, that can be worn in a modern way. We specialise in everyday pieces and engagement rings. 

We also offer a personalised consultancy service for those who need a little extra help in sourcing that perfect piece. We use our years of expertise in antiques and fine jewellery to help you navigate what can be at times an opaque process. We'll guarantee you will find a one of kind piece that you will love. Please contact us at for further information and pricing.




One of a kind pieces, to suit one of a kind people


Why have something mass produced when you can have something unique that suits you or your significant other's personality? 

At Penlington's we passionately believe that rarity and uniqueness is something to strive for. Each piece of the antique jewellery you see in our store, or that we source with you, has been created by old masters of their trade. That's why each piece is here.

Unlike modern jewellery most of our pieces are over a hundred years old, coming from a time when "synthetic" or lab grown gemstones didn't exist and only natural gemstones coming from some of the very first mines were available.

At Penlington's we pride ourselves in dealing in only natural gemstones, that have found their way from the exotic places that they were first found. When you buy a antique piece of jewellery you are investing in rarity and uniqueness. 

We love the fire and brilliance of handcut old mine diamonds in natural light, which can't be found in modern laser cutting techniques. The Georgian sapphires and Victorian rubies in original settings each have their own identity and history. That's why we do what we do. At Penlington's you buy piece of mind. We hope you're here because you want to be part of the next chapter in the story of these wonderful pieces.