How to Care for your Antique Ring


Be gentle..

It may seem like the done thing to some but not wearing your jewellery for any vigorous sports, time at the gym or swimming is essential to keeping your piece in tip top condition. We also recommend that you avoid wearing it to the beach, whilst gardening and during house work. It also helps to know that pearls are especially sensitive. House hold cleaning products, chlorine and perfume are some of a few chemicals and abrasives that can cause your pearls to lose their lovely pearly lustre. Ring's that have closed back setting's should NEVER be submerged in water were possible, water that get's in to the back of the setting can cause discoloration and may leave your gemstone looking a slightly off colour.

Keep them safe

How you store your ring's can be just as important as how you wear them. You can keep your rings safe in a jewellery box kept in a dry, room temperature environment. 

Cleaning your ring

To clean an antique ring can require specialist knowledge and an understaning of the piece in order for no dammge to occur, that's why we recommend, when possible for it to be proffesionally cleaned. If you would like to try and clean your ring at home, we recommend using water to moisten an old extra soft bristle toothbrush and lightly brushing the surface of your ring. Remember, rings that have closed back settings shoud not be submerged in water.

Last but not least..

 You have just purchased a beautiful antique ring and are now part of it's unique history. Enjoy!